XRT Data Access

Data Access:

There are two methods of accessing XRT data. For old GRBs, all data is in the HEASARC archive. For new bursts, that are still being observed, the new data is put onto the "Quicklook" server, and updated as each orbit of data is downlinked from the spacecraft and processed on the ground.

Archived Data:

Enter GRB name (e.g. GRB 090510) into "Object Name" box.

Select data sets (only relevant ones, not just ones that happen to be nearby). For XRT analysis, you need the Auxiliary and XRT data files.

Quicklook Data:


Each object in the database is labeled with a target ID + segment number (e.g. 123456001, where targ ID = 123456, segment =1). Data on the quicklook site also has a version number, which is related to reprocessing and adding data as it is downlinked. Data during the first segment including the GRB trigger itself is separated into each instrument to facilitate faster processing by the SDC.

Segment Number Key:
000 = The initial automatic target (AT)
001 - 256 = Each day in the pre-planned schedule
990 = First processing of BAT data in segment 000
991 = First processing of XRT data in segment 000
992 = First processing of UVOT data in segment 000