S3_4 Gbm Hands On

Outline of GBM session

The material presented here will rely heavily on the attached tutorials, which are based on the analysis of GRB 080916C. We will apply the methods to the analysis of GRB 090510 using first GBM (Tutorial 1) and then, jointly, GBM and LAT data (Tutorial 2). Later in the week, Taka will present the same analysis for Swift BAT data and will show how to incorporate GBM data to do a joint BAT-GBM analysis.

Introduction: Why look at GBM data?

For more information about GBM than I can provide here, please read our instrument paper, Charles Meegan et al 2009 ApJ v702 p791.

Tutorial 1:

Selecting detectors and data types for a particular burst

The rmfit spectral analysis software package

Analysing GBM data using rmfit

Exercise 1. Slide 15 - Rebinning TTE data
Exercise 2. Slide 16 - Rebinning your spectra
Exercise 3. Slide 27 - Using subsets of detectors
Exercise 4 - Writing out PHA and BAK files
Exercise 5. Use all you know about GRB 090510

Tutorial 2:

Incorporating LAT data into the analysis of GBM data

Analysing GBM and LAT data using rmfit

Exercise 6. Putting it all together