S16 Broadband Modelling Theory Summary

Required Software

Please download and install the following software on your machine before
attending the Fermi-Swift Data Anaylysis Workshop. There will not be time
to install this software during the Broadband Modelling Theory session.

  • HEASoft v6.10 or later


  • Swift CalDB must be set up.


You can download and run the following perl script to test if the required
software and calibration data is installed.

software check script

XRT Data Files

uvot2pha commands

uvot2pha sw00351588000uvv_sk.img+4 src.reg bkg.reg vv_src.pha vv_bkg.pha CALDB
uvot2pha sw00351588000ubb_sk.img+3 src.reg bkg.reg bb_src.pha bb_bkg.pha CALDB
uvot2pha sw00351588000uuu_sk.img+4 src.reg bkg.reg uu_src.pha uu_bkg.pha CALDB
uvot2pha sw00351588000uw1_sk.img+2 src.reg bkg.reg w1_src.pha w1_bkg.pha CALDB
uvot2pha sw00351588000um2_sk.img+3 src.reg bkg.reg m2_src.pha m2_bkg.pha CALDB
uvot2pha sw00351588000uw2_sk.img+3 src.reg bkg.reg w2_src.pha w2_bkg.pha CALDB

uvotshiftpha commands

uvotshiftpha vv_src.pha 864.1 vv_src_1000.pha 1000 -0.90
uvotshiftpha bb_src.pha 1142.6 bb_src_1000.pha 1000 -0.90
uvotshiftpha uu_src.pha 1118.2 uu_src_1000.pha 1000 -0.90
uvotshiftpha w1_src.pha 1093.8 w1_src_1000.pha 1000 -0.90
uvotshiftpha m2_src.pha 1068.6 m2_src_1000.pha 1000 -0.90
uvotshiftpha w2_src.pha 1019.7 w2_src_1000.pha 1000 -0.90