Exercise 2: Slide 16. Rebinning Your Spectra

In the spectral window for the TTE data from n6, in which the spectral range for the chosen source interval will appear above the blue background spectrum for the same interval using selected background fits, experiment with binning the spectrum in the same way as you did for the temporal binning in Exercise 1.

'Full resolution' returns you to the full 128 channel spectrum.

Ignore the 'Temporal Resolution': this just returns you to the lightcurve page.
Try binning in signal-to-noise (1 or 2 is a good value to see the effect).
Experiment with combining into large bins, or by half over a range.
Experiment with refining bins, though you will not be able to refine beyond the 128 channel resolution.
At the end you can return to Full resolution, or you can choose to keep some of your channels combined to make a cleaner spectrum. The binning does not affect the fit and is for display purposes only.

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