Exercise 1: Slide 15. Rebinning TTE Data

Be patient with these rebinning steps: TTE takes TIME!

In the lightcurve window of the TTE file for n6 which you have previously loaded and for which you have chosen both the spectral range to be used and the temporal selections (background and source):

(i) Tearoff the Rebin widget (Rebin, and opt for 'tearoff').

(ii) Change the temporal resolution from 128 ms to 32 ms.

(iii) Bin your selection so that each bin has a signal-to-noise of at least 20.

(iv) Return to Full Resolution (128 ms). This can be done after any of the other steps to return to the default resolution.

(v) Refine a few of the bins by half by clicking on them (Refine, refine by half. Click left margin to finish refining).

(vi) Refine one of the bins to 16 ms resolution (Refine, refine single bin, then enter '16' and click the left margin. Going too fine on this can cause problems with buffers. If you run into trouble, just click Full Resolution.).

(vii) Combine all the source interval into one bin (Combine bins, single bin, then click each side of the source interval, click left margin to exit).

(viii) Return to Full Resolution.

(ix) Refine the first and last bins in your selected source region until you have a bin that starts at 0.50s and another that ends at 1.0s. Change your source selection time using the 'Adjust source' button to be the time region: 0.5s - 1.0s. You can see the effect of adjusting the source region on the bottom left of the main widget.

(x) Dismiss the tearoff menu.

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